Businesses across the world rely upon connecting and operating over virtual space. Conference calling is a crucial system in this era of business. Conference services from Voice Striker comprises unique feature set and various tools for handling calls ranging from who can join the meeting to engaging participants in real-time.Conference Calling services provide a seamless experience enabling clear communication.

Call conferencing brings loads of benefits for wide range of industries from call centers, hotels to hospitals. The overall beneficial experience that call conferencing brings for the employees, companies, business clients, and partners can help to maximize the profit margins and business productivity.

  • Benefits
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Live URL Generation
  • Live Reports
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Redundancy
  • API Integration
  • Features
  • Desired number selection
  • Hold Music
  • Admin Authentication
  • User Authentication
  • Voice Recording
  • Acknowledgement SMS
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Live Reporting