Toll-free calling, a virtual number solution from Voice Striker, plays an important role in bridging communication gap between end user and the service provider.

Toll free, being a product known for its free-of-cost calling feature among customers, encourages more and more customers to reach out to the company. It also brings about a better brand recognition, whiletargeting a niche customer base, all these while taking the minimal activation time.

Even these can be connected to IVRs. Toll-free numbers are not just used by private organizations but all kinds of companies. These provide real-time reports and analytics.

While Toll-free numbers incur no cost for callers, companies pay a huge cost in terms of paying for the incoming calls. Striker Soft’s advanced technology helps tackle this matter and reduce the cost for the companies as well.

  • Benefits
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Live URL Generation
  • Live Reports
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Redundancy
  • API Integration
  • Features
  • IVR Integration
  • Call Logs
  • Voice Recordings
  • Agent Module
  • API Integration
  • Time basses routing
  • ACD